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     Pastor Dee Miller shares a variety of topics with us regarding her work within our congregation, visiting those in hospitals, nursing homes and in their homes.

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Lenten Journey

Posted by Pamela Gonzalez on OP1er @ 13:30

by Pastor Dee Miller 3-8-2019


As I am sitting here approaching the weekend by starting my daily devotions, it struck me that once again God’s plan is so incredible and unique. We as United Methodists have all types of emotions and opinions about the special General conference that just happened in St Louis. Most of us are very weary with the weather at this point of the year and are impatient for flowers, sunshine and warmth. Lastly, I have the honor and privilege to witness and be present for so many people who are enduring physical challenges with testing, infusions, medicines and prayers. In the midst of all this human difficulty and pain, God places Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of 40 days and 40 nights. This is a holy time where God pursues and calls each and every one of us for renewal of our lives by fasting, prayer, and reading scripture. It is really a time of self-examination and opportunity to get into a right relationship with our Lord and Savior.

I have to admit that growing up in the church, I truly didn’t understand the truer deeper meaning of Lent and back then, the only church that participated in Ash Wednesdays were the Roman Catholics. It wasn’t until I was almost 17 and our youth group viewed a movie about The Passion that I finally had an awakening to the incredible and total sacrifice that Jesus did for each and every one of us. It began my journey of continued attempts to really pay attention to keeping a Holy Lent with self reflection, fasting and a period of journaling and repentance. Annually, it has allowed me to take another step in my personal relationship with Jesus and to fully realize the importance Jesus’s love and grace is in my life.

So I am looking forward to this journey again this year alongside a new wonderful group of people at Valpo FUMC as we all attempt to be faithful to a process where we remember that Humanity has two problems: 1. Is that we are mortal beings that came from dust and to dust we will return and 2. We all fail in our lives; each and every one of us. I can tell you that I have filled many journals discussing my failureS with God.

Together let us pray that we will all try to attempt something new this year that will help renew our relationship with Jesus. The leadership staff has created so many opportunities to help us keep a Holy Lent. Enjoy the journey and process of Lent so we fully experience the celebration of Easter TOGETHER.

Pastor Dee


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