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     Pastor Dee Miller shares a variety of topics with us regarding her work within our congregation, visiting those in hospitals, nursing homes and in their homes.

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Unused First Names Can Cause Issues for Visits From Your Pastor

Posted by Pamela Gonzalez on OP2er @ 14:46

     We, as your pastors, want to be available to you when you are in the hospital or facing a difficult time in your life but we are having a little difficulty at times getting through the front desks of the hospital.

     If you have a given birth name that you DO NOT USE, please be sure that it is in our church data base. We will continue to call you by the name you prefer when we are with you in person BUT the hospital operators and front desk people WILL NOT tell us what room you are in unless we have the complete correct name. This prevents us from visiting you or getting into the ER when there is an emergency.

     So, if your birth name is different please let Lani at the church office know so we can have the correct name in our data base along with which name you prefer. The church office phone number is 219.465.1661.

Thanks so much.
Pastor Dee

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