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     Pastor Dee Miller shares a variety of topics with us regarding her work within our congregation, visiting those in hospitals, nursing homes and in their homes.

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Helping Others While Maintaining Their Dignity

Posted by Pamela Gonzalez on OP2er @ 14:49

by Pastor Dee Miller
September 19, 2018

There is one thing that I have learned in being a chaplain and a pastor is there are people who fiercely guard their privacy, particularly during difficult times of their lives. I believe the new laws called HIPPA were created to safeguard people’s privacy and helps all of us by guarding our personal health issues to be the conversation between people that we don’t even know.

In the church, we as disciples want desperately to support each other with love and grace always. That help is different for each individual because we are all unique personalities. As pastors and chaplains, we are bound by vows of confidentiality and we have to take those vows very seriously. As disciples in the church it is important to understand that when someone confides in us it is a sacred trust. In honoring that trust it is important that we ask permission to share what and with whom they will give you permission to share information. We need to ask permission to put someone on the prayer chain and we also need to ask what they want shared through the prayer chain or in different groups where joys and concerns are shared. We need to stop and ask ourselves: Do we have permission to share any information here???  All of us can prayer for someone without knowing any of the details of the situation in someone’s life. Sometimes, people guard their privacy in order to have space to process and gather resources to deal with what is happening in their lives. Other people want as many people praying for them as possible.

We all deal with difficult situations differently. Please let us all respect our individuality and our different needs for privacy as we strive to support each other with God’s love and grace.  --Dee

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