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A very long exhale . . .

Posted by Pamela Gonzalez on OA11er @ 11:58

Some days you have to take a deep breath with a very long exhale. It’s already August and I feel like I’ve been here a very long time.  This has been the summer of change for the Miller household.  The summer is just half-over and here’s what’s happened:

  • We moved from Kokomo to Valparaiso.
  • I started a new appointment on July 1.
  • Liz ended one job and began a new one.
  • Nate registered for classes at a new school and will start a new job later this month.
  • We have moved farther away from our daughters, but closer to Liz’s parents.
  • My brother died.

You know, when I list everything, it seems overwhelming. One of the staff pointed out that we experienced the three top producers of stress in life all since summer began: new job, a move and the death of a loved one.  I didn’t really need to know that!

But God continues to bless us with favor. God blessed us with precious time with Alan during his last days.  We talked, we prayed, we laughed and we cried, and I can only hope that if I ever find myself with a similar diagnosis as Alan, that I can face death with the same grace, courage and humor as he did.

God blessed us with safety during our move. Everything went well; we all arrived safely and nothing was broken.

God blessed us with family and friends.  Mid-July was a whirlwind with the blessing of seeing Liz’s family for a couple days in Wisconsin and then speaking at Alan’s funeral in Decatur. What a feeling of love and support from extended family we seem to only see at funerals anymore, and spending a few minutes with life-long friends.

Finally, God has blessed us with wonderful churches. This is the body of Christ at work. The people and staff of Valparaiso First have been so loving and supportive and understanding during this time. We will never forget your graciousness and love during a stressful transition.  You have made it go smoothly and for this we will be forever grateful.

Because of the body of Christ in action; because of Jesus and because of love, I end my long exhale with the prayer, GOD IS GOOD!

Pastor Kevin
August 9, 2017

alice said...

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Sherri said...

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God is Good!

Kate said...

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...all the time!

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