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Lotus Reach

Posted by Pamela Gonzalez on OP1er @ 13:54

Through the research of the Moving Forward Task Group, information was forwarded to the Methodist Women’s Resale Shop for follow-up concerning Lotus Reach; an organization that provides clothing for school children of low income families, free of charge. 

Founder, Zel Rau, was a volunteer at Liberty Elementary School. She noticed that some of the children had shoes that were duct taped together and were without basic clothing such as socks, gloves, and coats. Her eyes were opened to the fact that not all children in her seemingly affluent community were adequately clothed. She started a clothes closet at Liberty to keep a supply of clothing for immediate needs. The “closets” have expanded to 7 schools, including Hebron, Thomas Jefferson, Flint Lake and Parkview. Through clothing and monetary donations, Lotus Reach is able to provide new and/or used clothing.

Three times a year, the 7 schools send out forms to qualified parents, asking if their children need clothing and if so, what sizes and types. Forms must be returned within one week. Parents are asked if they want the clothing dropped off at their home or sent to the school. All items are packaged in a paper bag so it is not identifiable.

Zel’s latest project is to purchase a sealed container to store unusable clothing that will be sold to a Pennsylvania company for recycling at 15-20 cents per pound, once 40,000 pounds are accumulated. With this money, Lotus Reach will be able to fund new clothing purchases as needed.

We are pleased to announce that a partnership has been formed between Lotus Reach and the Methodist Women’s Resale Shop, located across Chicago Street at Asbury Centre. 

Twice a year, the Shop changes out the entire store from one season’s merchandise to the next season and in the past, the leftover clothing has been given to the Salvation Army. Lotus Reach has agreed to take all of the Shop’s remaining out of season clothing and shoes for their closet program and will pick it up when notified of its availability.

Next, a clothing need list will be sent to determine if any of the Lotus requirements can be filled by the Shop before they make new clothing purchases at WalMart.  Lastly, future discussions are already planned to determine other ways that the Shop can assist with additional needs and service to each other. 

This is just another example of how the Methodist Women’s Resale Shop helps in the community and remains a very important ministry of the church.

Thank you,
Kathi T.

Pamela Gonzalez, Director of Communications/Valpo FumC said...

Posted on OA10er @ 9:47 -
A message was left here by Jerry Newman that included negative comments regarding Walmart. Unfortunately, the message has been deleted because our purpose for posting this blog post was not to denigrate any other store, but to highlight the ministry of the UMW Resale Shop. The purpose of this blog post was to focus on the positive aspects of running the Shop. --PG

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