Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

     This is the page you'll want to check often because it's where we will be posting photos of things happening around the church that don't exactly fall into any other page on our website.

     What stuff is that, exactly? Perhaps improvements around our property, or activities going on at the church you might not know about. It could be photos of some of our volunteers doing what they love to do around the church or perhaps staff members at their desks or doing something outside of the boundaries of the office walls. Perhaps a new addition to our building or the removal of an old one.

     Who knows what you'll find on this page? One thing you can count on, though…everything on this page will be a joy to view and will change regularly.

Popcorn Fest Parade Popcorn Fest Parade
 September 12, 2015

     One of our pastors, Rev. Lowell Black, is a Fire Department Chaplain. He was able to get this beautiful fire truck to represent Valpo FUMC in the parade. 






New Bike RackNew Bike Rack

     A new bike rack has been installed at the Franklin Street entrance, just in time for the nice weather! Feel free to ride your bikes to church on Sundays or during the week and lock it to the new rack that is provided for your use.






New plantings in the courtyardNew Plantings in the Courtyard

     Kathi Thompson has put a lot of work, time and effort into putting in rose bushes and other plantings in the new courtyard located to the north of the Franklin Street entrance.

     There are tables and benches in the courtyard for your enjoyment. This is the new favorite spot for church staff to take a lunch break!

     So why don't you pack up the kids and a picnic lunch, ride your bikes to church and enjoy your lunch in the beautiful courtyard with all the beautiful shrubs and flowers?



Rabbit's nestRabbit's Nest

     It didn't take momma rabbit very long to find a nice, cozy spot to build her nest! Kathi Thompson found this nest among the new rose bushes in the courtyard. If we find any new babies, we'll snap a picture for you!